Post-redress future of Japanese Americans

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There’s a long, long road ahead of us and a wide road for us to clear out. If we’re going to sit on this little path and say, hey, we made a little path now, there’s nothing else for us to do, we’re going to get what we deserve—and that’s a goose egg— and we’re going to regress. I’m not speaking just simply about the Japanese Americans. We’re going to regress as a nation, because if Japanese Americans are going to be slighted like that, then so can other segments of our society. And it’s very important. I find it tragic that people take that kind of attitude. But I’m too old to do anything about that (chuckles) now. But I hope the young people will wake up to that. I think they will. If they don’t, as I said before, they’re going to get exactly what they deserve.

Date: August 27, 1998
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Interviewer: Darcie Iki, Mitchell Maki
Contributed by: Watase Media Arts Center, Japanese American National Museum

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