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Why Hasn’t Ichiro Retired?

Chris Komai

Too Much Mottainai?

Chris Komai

My Japanese American Families

Chris Komai

How well do you know your own family? Specifically, your extended family: uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, great aunts, etc. Maybe it is because I am older now, but it seems my relationship with my father’s family has only grown stronger. Even my relationship to my wife’s family has developed, …

Carrying on Tradition: A visit to Bunkado and the artistic, eclectic heart of Little Tokyo

Chris Komai

Bunkado sits both physically and metaphorically at the crossroads of Little Tokyo.

Who's More Japanese?

Chris Komai

One strong characteristic that marks the Japanese culture is the constant striving to name and define everything. They have a penchant for labeling ideas, types of food, special occasions, religious ceremonies, the changing seasons, and virtually every aspect of their lives. So it is not surprising that Japanese and Japanese …

Guilty Pleasures

Chris Komai

As with most people who subscribe to cable television, I suffer through an endless number of inconveniences, indignities, and monetary insults. When the signal becomes sporadic or even fails, I call and get a recording that tells me to unplug my box and let it reboot, which seems like the …

Ishikawa's Moment

Chris Komai

In a previous article, I highlighted the fact that the Dodgers and the Giants had three Japanese Americans on their rosters (Darwin Barney and Brandon League for the Dodgers, Travis Ishikawa for the Giants) and how, to my knowledge, this had never happened before. I also pointed out that Ishikawa …

Japanese American Major Leaguers

Chris Komai

Sitting in the upper deck overlooking right field at AT&T Park in San Francisco for the first game of the Dodgers-Giants series in September, I was feeling pretty low. As part of the biennial Komai Family Reunion this year, our Northern California relatives had arranged to get tickets to this …

Don't Forget Pat Suzuki

Chris Komai

Do you know who Pat Suzuki is, and why she is significant to Japanese Americans? I suspect you would have to be at least as old as me (a Sansei born in the early 1950s) to recognize her name and know that she was a popular singer. Any Nisei would …

Nisei Week 80th Anniversary

Chris Komai

Eighty years ago, the inaugural Nisei Week was organized in Little Tokyo in 1934. A distinctive Nikkei community event that was actually created as a marketing campaign, Nisei Week reflects the bicultural character of its founders. It has a parade that features ondo dancers (which explains why the parade with …

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Chris Komai is a freelance writer who has been involved in Little Tokyo for five decades. He was the Public Information Officer of the Japanese American National Museum for over 21 years, where he handled publicity for the organization’s special events, exhibitions and public programs. Prior to that, Komai worked for the Japanese-English newspaper The Rafu Shimpo for 18 years as a sports writer, sports editor and English editor. Komai also serves on the Little Tokyo Community Council Board and on the Little Tokyo Public Safety Association board. He has been a member of the Southern California Nisei Athletic Union Board for basketball and baseball for 40 years. Komai is one of the founders of the Nikkei Basketball Heritage Association (NBHA), which seeks to connect JA basketball history to the current players and their families. He earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of California at Riverside.

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