J.K. Yamamoto

J.K. Yamamoto has worked for Pacific Citizen in Los Angeles (1984-87) and Hokubei Mainichi in San Francisco (1987-2009), and has been a reporter for Rafu Shimpo since 2010. He has written for other community newspapers, including NikkeiWest in Northern California.

Updated January 2017

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Film Focuses On Little-Known WWII Camps: Story of Moab, Leupp told in Claudia Katayanagi’s A Bitter Legacy

Claudia Katayanagi has an extensive list of credits as a sound recordist or sound mixer for documentaries dealing with a variety of topics — Confucius Was a Foodie, The Black Panthers, Zoot Suit Riots, and Oprah Goes to Broadway, to name just a few. But for her latest project, A Bitter Legacy, she took on the role of director and producer and delved into the history of her own family and community. It deals with the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans, with a focus on the citizen isolation centers, which are little known even to those familiar with the camps…

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