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I’m so disappointed to see stereotyped snack packaging in my supermarket

Racial stereotypes used to be part of the American consumer landscape – everywhere you turned there was a depiction, playful caricature or a ghastly exaggerated image of a person of color on commercials and ads on television or publications, or on packaging on store shelves. But if nothing else, the recent years of anti-racism protests in the wake of the murders of George Floyd and the many Black men and women before him and since, has awakened mainstream Americans and the media and institutions that serve them and let them know in no uncertain terms that racial images are no …

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Tokyo’s Second Olympics Will Be Forever Remembered for Its Unique Circumstances

As I write this, the “2020” Tokyo Olympic Games are just two weeks away. It’s the second time the summer games have been held in Japan. I was a kid living in Japan when Tokyo hosted its first Olympics, from October 10-24, 1964.

It was a big deal for all Japanese, and for me and my family—a Hawaii-born Nisei dad working for the US Army, my Issei mom from Hokkaido and my older brother and me (a younger brother would be born Oct. 29, less than a week after the games’ closing). I was six years old, and aware that …

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Construyendo puentes con la comunidad musulmana

A fines del año pasado, Erin y yo tuvimos la suerte de viajar a la ciudad de Nueva York para ver el musical de Broadway Allegiance protagonizado por George Takei. Es una historia sobre la encarcelación de los japoneses-americanos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, y retrata vívida y poderosamente el impacto emocional de la experiencia de los japoneses-americanos por generaciones desde entonces. Escribí sobre la obra de teatro y entrevisté a Takei (solo en inglés) y a otros para la Comunidad AARP AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders/Asiático-Americanos e Isleños del Pacífico de la American Association of Retired Persons/Asociación Americana …

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We Are Not Free tells the JA incarceration story through a different perspective

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all gotten used to staying home every evening – no parties, dinners at restaurants, movie nights, concerts. Just a lot of plopping down on the couch to see what’s available on demand via cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other streaming source that brings entertainment to your living room. A lot of people have been reading too. Book clubs seem to have been embraced by a whole new crop of eager readers.

I was honored this spring to be asked to create an educator’s guide for a novel so that teachers could use the book help …

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I've heard "Go back where you came from" too often

I was driving on the highway one night some years back between Denver and Boulder, when I got harassed by a couple of young white guys who were tailgating me, probably in their teens or early 20s at the most. When I pulled off at an exit they followed me so I pulled into a parking lot and got out of my car. They did the same, and started yelling at me.

“Go back to China, you dirty Jap! Remember Pearl Harbor!!”

I shot back some pleasantries myself, educating them on the fact that I’m Japanese American, and that China …

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