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Celebrating Mochi-Tsuki Mochi Day in Chicago


Various Mochi Day Celebrations around Chicago

Chicago Day of Remembrance


here are a few of the past annual Chicago DOR events co-hosted with the CJAHS, JASC and JACL. The events have been open to the public free of charge. The ...

Japan Days Chicago Botanic Garden


Japan Days is an annual celebration of of Japanese heritage and culture consisting of numerous events and performances such as dancing, taiko, martial arts demonstrations, and even some tea. It ...

Midwest Buddhist Temple Ginza Holiday


The annual Ginza festival is celebrated at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago.

Chicago Obon and Japanese Folk Dance


Various organizations around Chicago including the Midwest Buddhist Temple, the Buddhist Temple of Chicago, and the Mitsuwa Shopping Center formerly known as the Yaohan hold annual folk dancing Obon Festivals. ...

Miss Nikkei Chicago


Miss Nikkei beauty contests were held in Chicago during the late 70's and 80's.

Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival


Founded in 1996 by Japanese musician, filmmaker, producer, and Chicago resident Tatsu Aoki, the Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival brings together Asian American Jazz musicians from all over the country ...

Chicago Japanese Classical Dancers


As of 2006, the Fujima Ryu of Chicago featured in this collection, became a resident arts program of the JASC. Led by longtime classical Japanese Dance teacher Shunojo Sensei, the ...

Chicago Japanese American Postwar Resettlement


A selection of photographs depicting the building of a Japanese American community in Chicago after World War Ii, taken from a timeline developed by the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society. ...

Building the Timeline ... Re-connecting to Community

Laurel Fujisawa

Growing up as a Sansei in Chicago, I didn’t hear much about the internment camps and the postwar resettlement from the Issei and Nisei in my family. It seemed they never wanted to talk about it. They were more interested in getting on with their lives, never looking back ...

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Kizuna 2020: Nikkei Kindness and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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More Than a Game: Nikkei Sports

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