Howard Hoosaku Furumoto, Dr.

Gender Male
Birth date 1921-07-13
Place of birth Ninole, No. Hilo HI, USA
Inducted 1942-12-12, Ft. Leavenworth KS
Enlistment type Volunteer
Service branch Army
Service type War
Unit type Combat
Units served Merrill's Marauders, Seatic, Northern Chinese Combat Command OSS OWI MISLS Sec 4(Graduated Savage, Dec. 1942)
Military specialty Military Intelligence Service Language Specialist
Stationed USA: Camp Savage, MN; Camp Shelby, MS Other Countries: China, Burma, India
Separated Camp McCoy WS
Unit responsibility Recapture Burma Road to China from the Japanese occupied territories of Assam, India and Northern Burma.
Personal responsibility Lead scouting patrol, interrogate captured prisoners, translate captured documents and listening post.
Major battles (if served in a war zone) We recaptured the Myitkyin and Northern Burma railhead and all-weather airfield with the Merrill's Marauders.
Awards, medals, citations (individual or unit) Presidential Unit Citation for re-opening the 'Back door of China Bronze Star Medal for performing MIS functions while under fire Chinese Commendation Ribbon Chinese Nationalists OSS Citation by Col. Quentin Roosevelt for work with Japanese prisoners of war in producing 'Black Propaganda'.
Living conditions With Merrill's Marauders under battle conditions, we slept in foxholes. We had no baths except when crossing rivers and streams. We ate C and K Rations. For entertainment(?) we listened to the enemy talk.
Most vivid memory of military experience The will to survive even under the most adverse conditions. Horses and mules dying from sheer exhaustion while the Marauders pressed on toward their final objective while carrying their precious rations and weapons themselves.
Missed most whilst in the military I missed my fiancee I left in Minneapolis.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? A chance to prove that my loyalty lies with the country of my birth and that America is still the 'Land of the Free and the Brave', regardless of race, creed or religion..
Additional information I am especially proud of the role the Nisei Veterans played in the immediate post World War II era in all walks of life. From politics, to the professions, to business, they have proven their worthiness as they have done on the battlefields of Europe and Asia. A veterinarian, and founder of Care Animal Hospital and Aloha Animal Hospital.

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