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Wakatay Restaurant-Peruvian Nikkei Cuisine



After we had finished the ice cream, Jorge came back to talk to us about Peru and about the soccer he played there. He was telling us stories about how he learned to cook and how he came up with the idea of starting this fusion restaurant.

Before we knew it, he had brought out these doughnut-like Peruvian pastries called picarones. They were made from a combination of sweet potato, squash and pumpkin all mixed together and deep-fried. There was anise inside of these pastries, which gave them a bitter taste when eaten alone. However, they came to us drizzled with a sweet syrup. It sort of tasted like a light maple syrup. It was delicious.

Jorge said that the chef was able to stick his entire hand into the hot oil, without getting burned, in order to ensure the round shape of the picarones. What a talent.

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This food item resembles a doughnut, yet it is not a doughnut. This round pastry is made from squash, pumpkin and sweet potato, mushed together and then deep fried. It … More »

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