Yuko Yamauchi

Yuko Yamauchi is an American Nisei of Okinawan descent. Both her parents hail from the southern part of Okinawa Island—specifically Itoman and Kochinda. She is currently the office manager for the Okinawa Association of America, Inc. (OAA) based in Gardena, CA.

Updated April 2008

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My Taikai Experiences – Thoughts on the Uchinanchu Global Network

Growing up, my father would talk about relatives we had in Hawaii and relatives we had in Brazil. As a child, the significance of that statement didn’t register—just as my father saying our family was from Okinawa didn’t quite hit home either. I figured Okinawa was just another place in Japan somewhere.

It wasn’t until I went to study on a one year scholarship to Okinawa that I understood the nature of the Okinawan diaspora—how people from such small islands, through choice and circumstance ended up all over the world.

Among the Nikkei students on ...

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