Nikkei Student Union at UCLA

The Nikkei Student Union(NSU) at UCLA was founded in 1981 by Ken Minami, Albert Saisho, and Kenji Saisho to bring forth a space which not only provided social events, but a space to cultivate cultural traditions and community service. Today, NSU hosts over 200 members of diverse backgrounds on the UCLA campus, allowing students to discover about the Japanese American experience and to contribute their perspectives and aspirations. Whether it is a social, cultural, academic, philanthropist, or athletic drive, each member is able to dabble into various facets of NSU for their self-growth. The vision of NSU is ever expanding, building upon the foundations of its original founders to work towards a thriving Nikkei community. 

Updated December 2011

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Japanese American Activism: Where Does It Stand Today?

When we think about Japanese American activism we may immediately think of the iconic 1980s Redress Movement. But what about JA activism today?

Glenn Omatsu defines JA Activism as “not simply a set of beliefs or a series of actions; more accurately, it is a way of living. It is practicing militant humility in transforming society while transforming ourselves.”

Rather than defining JA Activism as what it is today, delineating this entity by a set time period, we should address it as how has its legacy been passed down and expanded over the years.

On November 5, 2011, a major ...

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Celebrating the 30 Year Legacy of the Nikkei Student Union at UCLA

A room erupts in a roar of laughter, a well-prepared yet spontaneous meeting of the Nikkei Student Union. This joyous gathering is a typical event every Tuesday at 6PM on the UCLA campus, bringing together students who share a common interest—the Japanese American culture. Whether it is the rich history, delicious food, ikemen idols, nostalgic J-league basketball, or just a place to make new friends, NSU becomes a home away from home for students searching for their niche in college.

As this year marks our 30th Anniversary NSU will be hosting a banquet on Saturday, January 21, 2012. Over ...

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