Rino Kodama

Rino Kodama is a 3rd-year student majoring in Art and minoring in Asian American Studies. They were born in Singapore to Japanese parents, and moved to Santa Clara, California at two years old. Home is here and there, moving with them where they feel seen and find safety in their queerness. Their interdisciplinary art practice revolves around drawing, photography, and wearable art through personal themes of healing and what it means to share safe spaces with loved ones and the world.

Updated April 2019

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Nikkei a Descoberto: uma coluna de poesia

Negotiating Place

Here we have a first for the Nikkei Uncovered poetry column - a collaborative piece between two wondrous young Nikkei, both University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) students and “Shin-Nisei,” 1.5 generation artists. They write this from the place of anticipating their Pilgrimage together to Manzanar this month, alongside their cohort of the Vigilant Love Solidarity Arts Fellowship, which brings together college age Nikkei and Muslim activist/artists. Rino and Sophia, featured here, wrote together with such generosity that comes through in their piece of contemplation and insight. Enjoy.

—traci kato-kiriyama

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Rino Kodama is a 3rd-year student majoring in Art ...

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