Chris Hope

Chris Hope is a Toronto-based lawyer, writer, and director of Hatsumi – One Grandmother’s Journey Through the Japanese Canadian Internment. His most recent film as producer, The Wrecking Crew, won the 2015 U.K. Music Video Award for Best Documentary.

Updated January 2016 

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70th Anniversary of the Japanese American/Japanese Canadian Internment: Redress, Remember, Relate – Contrasting the Japanese American and Japanese Canadian Internment Experiences in Washington D.C. - Part 1

On November 15, I travelled to Washington D.C. to appear in a panel assembled to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Japanese American and Japanese Canadian internments at the annual conference of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA). In attendance were 1,800 lawyer-delegates from across North America. The panel I presented with consisted of Dale Minami, Rod Kawakami, and Justice Maryka Omatsu. Minami and Kawakami are two of the architects of the legal challenges that led to the Japanese American redress, and Justice Omatsu was one of the negotiators of the Canadian redress for the National ...

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