Afternoon program on Fred T. Korematsu

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1月 201728
1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.

Westley Methodist Church
566 N. Fifth Street
San Jose, California, 95112
United States

Open to the general public

  • Presentation of Fred T. Korematsu story in a showing of the Emmy Award-winning documentary and remarks by Karen Korematsu, daughter of Fred Korematsu
  • Panel discussion  on the modern day impact of Fred Korematsu's life-long fight to defend the Constitutional rights of all U.S. citizens, regardless of national origin or ancestry, including: Keynote speaker:  Dale Minami, leading civil rights attorney who represented Fred Korematsu in the 1983 case that set aside his conviction; Zahra Billoo, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR); Jay Boyarsky, Chief Assistant District Attorney for Santa Clara County; Richard Konda, Executive Director of Asian Law Alliance; Hon. Drew Takaichi, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge. Moderator:  Roberta Hayashi, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge

Open to the public, with special interest for lawyers, teachers and students focused on law, history and government.

RSVP to Registration closes on January 20, 2017.   


Sponsored by
Asian Law Alliance
Fred T. Korematsu Institute for Civil Rights and Education
Japanese American Museum of San Jose
Santa Clara County Superior Court Community Outreach




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