Miyori in the Sacred Forest

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2月 201018

Film Row Cinema, Columbia College Chicago
1104 S. Wabash Ave., 8th Floor
Chicago, Illinois, 60605
United States

Based on a manga by Oda Hideji, this film touches on issues of environmental destruction in Japan.  
Miyori’s parents have gone their separate ways and her preoccupied father is bringing Miyori to live with her grandparents. Miyori is angry about being sent to the countryside when she would rather stay in Tokyo. That night as she sleeps, a river spirit, Kanoko, slips up to the veranda of the house. Miyori follows it into the woods and meets a group of spirits, who greet her as a long-lost friend. She is dismissive of them, and Kanoko is amazed that she is to be the guardian of the forest, succeeding her grandmother. One day, by chance Miyori goes down a forbidden path to a pond where a ghostly woman in white befriends her. From the woman, Miyori learns that the entire region will be flooded by a dam project.

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2月 2010


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