Grand Sumo Las Vegas - Mandalay Bay Hotel. Oct.7,8,9 2005

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スポーツ& 娯楽

10月 20057 10月 20059

Las Vegas
United States

Gambling & Sumo ??? What a weekend. Your chance to see the "real thing" from Japan. This is the 1st time in over 20 years to have such a chance to experience something so unique and rich in culture and tradition.

Tickets are available at: 877-632-7400 (toll free)
For more info:

The organizers are stopping at nothing to present a truly authentic experience for those who follow sumo and those merely attracted by the novelty of this unique event. For example, a special crew will construct the dohyo over a three day period to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the sport including the proper mixture of clay and sand and the correct deployment of the tawara, or rice-straw bales. A traditional yakata, the roof over the sumo ring, will be imported from Japan specifically for this tournament.




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