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Nikkei Farmers of the Hood River Area

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Hood River Community Hall, 1929

Completed in 1926, the Hood River Japanese Community Hall became a central place for community life. Plays, musicals, talent shows, Japanese picture shows, community meetings, Christmas and New Year's parties, Japanese School, and Japanese Methodist Church services were all held at the new facility.

The Dee Japanese Community Hall was built as a place for socializing and education. The Hall was founded in the mid-1920s, when about 35 Nikkei families lived in Dee.

The communities formed the Japanese Societies of Dee (Doshikai) and Hood River (Kyorei Kyokai, or Formal Society) –- Kyorei Kyokai was organized around 1915 and centered at the Japanese Community Hall. The purpose is revealed in translation of Kyorei –- cooperative encouragement.

Celebrations and festivals prompted community gatherings to share food, fun and social time.

Photo: ONLC 784, Gift of Carolyn Brady, Takagi Family Collection.

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Community Hall, Hood River, Oregon
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Japanese Community Hall, Hood River, Oregon, 1929. ONLC 784, Gift of Carolyn Brady, Takagi Family Collection. For more information, please contact the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center at 503-224-1458. www.oregonnikkei.org. ... More »

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