Thomas M. Nishi

Born in Kemmerer, WY, Nishi grew up in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. He received his BA from UCLA and MPH from University of Hawai`i. He is now retired after about 40 years as an academic counselor and advisor in secondary schools and colleges in California, Hawai`i, and Michigan. He now resides in Oakland, CA.

Updated November 2021

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A Silver Star Story

Less than a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the 100th Infantry Battalion was activated on June 12, 1942. It was a segregated, all Japanese American unit of volunteers from Hawai`i. Early the next year, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was activated on February 1, 1943, with Japanese Americans from the Mainland US. The 442 trained at Camp Shelby at Hattiesburg, Mississippi for a year starting in April 1943. They were then sent to Italy for combat in May 1944. The 100th battalion went to Italy on August 21, 1943, and was attached to the 442nd on June 11, 1944.&n...

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