Sally Ito

Sally Ito is a writer and teacher who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She teaches creative writing at Canadian Mennonite University. Her most recent book is The Emperor's Orphans, a cultural memoir about her family.

Updated February 2019

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The Art of Being Japanese Canadian

Human life – indeed all life – is poetry. It’s we who live it, unconsciously, day by day, like scenes in a play, yet in its inviolable wholeness, it lives us, it composes us. This is something far different from the old cliche “Turn your life into a work of art”; we are works of art – but we are not the artist.

– Lou Andreas-Salome, psycho-analyst (1861-1937)



if I say it enough

do you think it’ll come true?

– David Kenji Fujino, artist (1945-2017)

In 1994, a Japanese Canadian artist directory was published largely through the efforts and leadership of ...

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