Crónicas Nikkei #10—Generaciones Nikkei: Conectando a Familias y Comunidades

¡Bienvenido a la 10.° edición de Crónicas Nikkei! Generaciones Nikkei: Conectando a Familias y Comunidades da una mirada a las relaciones intergeneracionales en las comunidades nikkei de todo el mundo, con especial atención a las nuevas generaciones más jóvenes de nikkei y cómo ellos se conectan (o no) con sus raíces y con las generaciones mayores. En el proceso, esperamos adquirir más conocimiento sobre cómo las comunidades nikkei del mundo evolucionan en general.

¿Cómo se relacionan las generaciones en tu comunidad? ¿Cómo han cambiado las cosas y cómo no han cambiado?¿Quiénes son los fascinantes jóvenes nikkei que conoces y qué es lo que son capaces de hacer? ¿Cómo se ve el futuro de tu comunidad nikkei? ¿Qué tipo de legados deseas dejar a tu comunidad? Historias personales, recuerdos, entrevistas/Preguntas y Respuestas, ensayos, investigación y reseñas, son todos bienvenidos.

Se aceptarán entregas a partir del 1 de mayo hasta el 30 de septiembre del 2021, a las 6 p. m. PDT.

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Warren Kato: Judge, Former Attorney, But Most of All a Father and Role Model

I have read articles in the past trying to explain the difference between a father and a dad. To some, a “father” is defined as “a man in relation to his children,” whereas a “dad” is someone who you can hang out with, is there to play sports with you, and can always be there for you when you need help. For me, my dad is both my role model and an inspiration. He has taught me countless life lessons that I live by to this day. He has inspired me to become an attorney and fight for justice in …

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The Spirit of Giving

Looking through my bedroom window, I see an installer meticulously placing new, dark tiles along the pool waterline in my family’s backyard. Over the next few days, I check on the status of our pool, anxiously waiting to see the outcome of the renovation. When it was finally completed, I realized that up close, the tiles looked stunningly beautiful, with the blues and browns of the design creating a chaotic ensemble of wonderfulness. When the tiles mold together, they form an intricate pattern that looks so unique.Every experience is like a tile that is added to the design, ultimately shaping …

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Kiyoko Sugimoto and Sakura Yoshida Explore Mixed-Race Identity in New Podcast

VANCOUVER — Kiyoko Sugimoto and Sakura Yoshida take a deep dive into what it means to be a mixed-race Japanese Canadian millennial in their podcast, The Hafu It. In the weekly, independently-produced, and unscripted podcast, the two women explore topics that range from the Japanese Canadian experience to current affairs and pop culture through humour and personal anecdotes.

The podcast, which launched in December, recently wrapped up its first season at the end of May. The season ended with a four-episode collaboration with the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH) and the explorASIAN Festival for Asian Heritage …

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Keiro Superstar: Yosh Arima

At 91 years old, Yosh Arima has lived a full life of teaching, traveling, playing sports, and surrounding himself with people he enjoys.

After being incarcerated at Santa Anita horse stables—with transfers to Rohwer and then Tule Lake with his family during World War II—Yosh moved to California, then New Jersey, and back to California. He jumped around to different high schools during that time, but eventually graduated from Belmont High School in Los Angeles. He went to LA City College and Cal State LA then transferred to UCLA where he completed his bachelor’s degree. He later got his master’s …

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Los impactos socioculturales de la inmigración japonesa en el Perú

¿Cómo ha influido la inmigración japonesa en la sociedad peruana? La hipótesis de esta investigación es que la inmigración japonesa al Perú ha influido socioculturalmente a través de aportes, costumbres y hábitos que se mantienen en nuestra vida cotidiana hasta la actualidad.


Discriminación hacia los descendientes japoneses

La discriminación hacia los descendientes japoneses se ha dado desde la época de la Inmigración Japonesa al Perú hasta la actualidad. A medida que la comunidad japonesa crecía, los peruanos comenzaron a ver a los japoneses como una amenaza. Se inició un sentimiento de inquietud que …

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