Edward Yoshida

Edward Yoshida is a husband, father, JANM/Discover Nikkei volunteer, and a project analyst at a regional engineering firm. He grew up in Los Angeles and Orange County before attending college back East. In his spare time, he enjoys exercising and spending quality time with his family.

Updated June 2015

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Documentarian Claire Mix: The Story of an Angel in a Desert Dungeon

Yes, there were Caucasians who visited the Gila River concentration camp in Arizona during World War II. Eleanor Roosevelt was one such visitor because our government thought its white barracks made it “the most attractive camp” of all the camps. And yet, although the truly noteworthy Caucasians who frequented Gila River were not of such import, they were in fact immensely more important than the First Lady. Too often these individuals are not only regrettably forgotten, but also are virtually nonexistent when recounting the tragic incarceration of Japanese Americans in this country over half a century ago.


Claire’s mother …

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Japanese American National Museum Store Online

Author Jamie Ford: From Eating Scones to Writing a Bestseller

“On the side of the trunk was the name Shimizu, hand-painted in large white letters. It was opened for the curious crowd. … The new hotel owner explained that in the basement she had discovered the belongings of thirty-seven Japanese families who she presumed had been persecuted and taken away. … Henry stared in silence as a small parade of wooden packing crates and leathery suitcases were hauled upstairs, the crowd marveling at the once-precious items held within … items that had collected dust, untouched, for forty-plus years. … The more Henry thought about the shabby old knickknacks, the forgotten …

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