Sean Silvia

Sean Silvia is an undergraduate History and Archaeology student at the University of Southern California. He is extremely passionate about history publication and founded USC’s first history research journal, serving as Editor in Chief. His research interests center around the ways people interact with and shape their environment, both in natural and urban spaces.

Updated July 2020

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Freedom Springs From the Mountains of Utah: An Environmental History of Camp Antelope Springs and the Agency of Japanese American Incarcerees

A troop of Boy Scouts spills out of a packed truck, glad that the long ride through miles of dusty desert is over.1 It was Boy Scout week2 at Camp Antelope Springs, and enrollment in the troop had skyrocketed in the months leading up to the camp.3 The scouts busily set up their tents, then raced to the swimming pool. After dinner, the younger scouts went trilobite hunting while the older scouts continued to help set up camp, and the day ended with singing around a campfire.4 They looked forward to traditional camp activities like hikes across the whole mountainside, fun nature classes, and ...

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