Dean Okamura

Dean Okamura graduated from UCLA in Psychobiology before we had personal computers. Then that all changed resulting in a career reboot Masters from CSUN in Computer Science. I shared Facebook posts about traveling in Japan.

Updated October 2018

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Search World Story

My Palos Verdes Writing Month experience composed of three parts. I call the first part “The Search.” I explored sources of public information for my grandfather. You learn enough to build a family tree. But there are not enough details to reconstruct their lives. I call the second part “The World.” Research can find people with similar experiences. Now you’re looking for a family memory gem. But you won’t find it because you are looking at other people’s lives. You want to know more than facts. You want to understand. That is why family research has a third part, the …

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Nikkei Chronicles #7—Nikkei Roots: Digging into Our Cultural Heritage


I wanted to walk where my grandparents, Hikosaburo Okamura and Tsuru Uyeta, walked.

In the early 1900s, they left Japan and came to America. I did not speak Japanese. My grandparents did not speak English. I remembered no stories about their lives in Japan.

There is a Japanese song, Furusato by Angela Aki, which says:

“Home is always calling out my name.”

If I visited their Hometowns, would they call out my name?

The unprepared visitor

One month before my Japan trip, I did not know my ancestral villages. My grandparents came from Fukuoka, Japan. This is an area the size …

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