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*The term “Nima” comes from combining Nikkei and nakama (Japanese for “colleagues”, or “fellows”, or “circle”).

Nima of the Month

JCI_BrasilJapao (São Paulo, Brazil)

JCI Brasil–Japão is a local São Paulo, Brazil chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a non-profit organization of active citizens from all sectors of society who embrace new ideas, collaboration, and diversity. JCI members are concerned about the future of the world and are committed to making an impact in their communities.

Discover Nikkei first connected with JCI Brasil–Japão at the 2017 COPANI convention in Lima, Peru. The connection has grown in recent years with JCI Brasil–Japão becoming an official community partner for Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families & Communities in 2021, the “What is Nikkei Food?” virtual program in February 2022, and Itadakimasu 3! Nikkei Food, Family, and Community—this year’s edition of Nikkei Chronicles. They also provided help for our Nima Voices: Episode 8 with Brazilian Nikkei Laura Honda-Hasegawa and guest host Patricia Murakami, a past president of the organization.

We asked Andre Shishido, JCI-Brasil’s Director of Marketing, what they like about Discover Nikkei and this is what he said:

What do you like about partnering with Discover Nikkei?

This opportunity is awesome for our entity to have international experiences with a relevant foreign partner. In some important ways, our objectives align and this also is very relevant for us to value this friendship so much. As an additional point, I can see that these actions enrich our members’ minds and also makes them practice language, expression, communication, and so on. This is my point of view.

Why makes Discover Nikkei a useful resource for Brazilian Nikkei communities?

I feel like the Brazilian Nikkei community still lacks unity and organization. Both points can be helped by Discover Nikkei as the many ways that these international experiences show us how other communities work. For example, being able to see how Peruvians and also Americans from Hawaii organize information about food for sure was very inspiring to Brazilians in the last event, as in Brazil there is not much depth in the Nikkei food topic, in the sense of restaurants, information, and many ambassadors.

O que você acha da parceria com o Descubra Nikkei?

Essa oportunidade é incrível para nossa entidade, ter experiências internacionais com um parceiro relevante estrangeiro. De algumas formas importantes, como nossos objetivos se alinhando e assim também sendo relevantes para alcançá-los. Como ponto adicional, consigo ver como essas atividades enriquecem a forma de pensar dos nossos membros e também fazem com que eles pratiquem a língua, expressão, comunicação e assim por diante. Esse é o meu ponto de vista.

Por que o Descubra Nikkei é um recurso útil para as comunidades nikkeis brasileiras?

Eu sinto que a comunidade Nikkei brasileira ainda precisa de unidade e organização. Ambos pontos podem ser trabalhados com a Discover Nikkei já que de diversas formas essas experiências internacionais nos mostram como outras comunidades trabalham. Como por exemplo, sendo possível ver como as comunidades Peruanas e Americanas do Havaí organizam as informações sobre comida com certeza foi inspirador para os participantes brasileiros no último evento, considerando que no Brasil, não há tanta profundidade no tópico sobre comida nikkei, no sentido de restaurantes, informação e os embaixadores.

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