Emperor as a living god

Father’s success in farm business Yobiyose system in Canada Japanese community in Mission Father’s will to have Japanese education Sent a letter to his brother in Canada after the war Emperor as a living god Liaison between the Americans and the Japanese Laid off for being Canadian Reason to come back to Canada in 1954

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When I went to Japan, I heard that the emperor was revered as a living god. And a living god, my goodness. He's no different from an ordinary person. And, but my relatives, you know, they warned me. Says, "Don't ever say that, because the special police or the military police are going to come and pick you up." And not only that, it's not myself, it's the full family, and the thing will be in trouble. They wouldn't be able to get good jobs, they wouldn't be able to do business. So, "keep it under your hat," which I did. I didn't want anything to happen to my sisters or my mother, any of my brothers. So I kept it all on my thing, but you know, all this, to me, from a person that went to thing and had, grew up in Mission, in Canada, that seemed to be a lot of hogwash, but I just kept that to myself.

Date: October 29, 2005
Location: Toronto, Canada
Interviewer: Norm Ibuki
Contributed by: Sedai, the Japanese Canadian Legacy Project, Japanese Canadian Cultural Center


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