Japan-Canada Youth Quilt Project

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5月 201130

A Japan-Canada disaster relief project for kids initiated by artist and filmmaker Linda Ohama
British Columbia

This is a "Canadian Kids for Japanese Kids" project to support the young victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Tohoku, Japan, on March 11. It was initiated by Vancouver, BC artist and filmmaker Linda Ohama.

Each class (K-12) or individual youth is being asked to draw or embroider an image on to a 10-inch square of cloth (the finished piece will be a 9-inch square with a 1/2-inch seam). The image should be something about Japan e.g., how you feel or what you like about Japan. The fabric may be of any colour, but preferably white tones and cotton. All drawings and writing must be done using a permanent ink or fabric pen and the image must be embroidered, a parent or teacher may help if needed.

More information is available at www.lindaohama.com

Completed squares and photos may be sent to: Kim McLean, CoreLogic MarketLinx, 7018 Lougheed Hwy., Suite 200, Burnaby, BC, V5A 1W2

The deadline for submissions is May 30th, 2011.


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