Senator Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii, 2012 Campaign


One of our former co-workers, who currently lives in Hawaii, recently mailed the 2012 campaign materials of Senator Daniel K. Inouye. We scanned the endorsement cards and campaign materials to create this Nikkei Album.

The purpose of this collection is to share the voices of people in Hawaii and his achievements and contributions to the communities in memory of Senator Inouye.

Slides in this album 

Now. More Than Ever. — Dan Inouye for US. Senate

This is a cover of the folder which contains endorsements from the supporters.

Senator Daniel K. Inouye, 2012 Campaign - Endorsement folder
Contributed by: yn

Brief intro of Senator Daniel K. Inouye

This is the inside of the folder, which contain endorsements from the supporters.


Daniel Ken Inouye is the eldest of four children born to Hyataro and Kame Inouye, hard-working and humble parents whom he has always described as his "heroes." He was honored for his heroic service in WWII …

Senator Daniel K. Inouye, 2012 Campaign: Inside of the endorsement folder
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to support Pearl Harbor"

The back of the endorsement card said:

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is Hawai‘i's largest industrial employer, with 4,300 civilian and 500 military personnel.

Dan Inouye has always been there to ensure that the Islands get their fair share. In 2005, he intervened to save Pearl Harbor's $1.5 billion shipyard …

Endorsement from Greg Ng, Retired Superintendent, Pearl Harbor Shipyard
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working for the health of the Big Island."

The back of the endorsement card:

Thanks to Senator Dan Inouye, the University of Hawai'i at Hilo's College of Pharmacy will graduate its first class of pharmacists in May, 2011. His seniority was instrumental in providing the $3.9 million the College needed to help get off the ground.

This investment …

Endorsement from Daniel Hu, Pharmacy Student
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to support education in culture and science."

The back of the endorsement card:

Senator Inouye has been instrumental in providing educational programs that are grounded in both Hawai‘i’s is culture and scientific research.

One shining example is the Big Island’s ‘lmiloa Science Center, located at the foot of Mauna Kea, supported by $15 million in government and …

Endorsement from Ka‘iu Kimura, Educator
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working for Island agriculture."

The back of the endorsement card:

Senator Inouye has delivered $141.5 million in federal funding for agricultural research, and $40 million to construct a state-of-the-art tropical agriculture research lab. This has supported the full spectrum of Hawai‘i’s agricultural crops, including tropical fruits, coffee, vegetables, melons, seed corn, macadamia nuts, flowers, …

Endorsement from Dean Okimoto, Nalo Farms
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to grow our economy."

The back of the endorsement card:

As Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Inouye is in the strongest position possible to look out for the Islands and our local economy. As a result, Hawai‘i has received more than $2.1 billion in federal stimulus funding, including $127.5 million for highways, …

Endorsement from Kyle Chock, Pacific Resource Partnership
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to support the families of Lana‘i"

The back of the endorsement card:

Senator Inouye envisioned the Lana‘i Project to provide targeted activities and educational opportunities for young people.

Since its inception, more than $1 million has been invested and over 650 young people assisted. Successful programs include culinary training, upgrades to the Maui Community College computer …

Endorsement from Phyllis McOmber, Retired Educator
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to support clean energy."

The back of the endorsement card:

Long before the latest oil crisis and environmental disaster, Senator Dan Inouye supported solar, wind, OTEC, geothermal and other green technologies. 

And he’s done it in the most important way possible, by securing funding for projects in Hawai‘i. His efforts have helped provide the …

Endorsement from Maurice Kaya, Renewable Energy Coordinator
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to repair our schools and campuses."

The back of the endorsement card:

In 2001, through the vision and leadership of Senator Dan Inouye, an innovative program called Hawaii 3R’s – Repair, Remodel & Restore – was established to help provide a better and safer learning environment for the students of Hawaii’s public schools.

Hawaii 3R’s create …

Endorsement from Ryan T. Shigetani, Executive Director, Hawaii 3R’s
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to protect Hawai‘i’s natural environment."

The back of the endorsement card:

In the last decade, Senator Inouye has helped secure more than $42 million for permanent protection of more than 120,000 acres of forests, coastlines, open spaces and cultural sites, including Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, Kealia Wildlife Refuge on Maui, Kilauea …

Endorsement from Mark Fox, Conservationist
Contributed by: yn

"Dan is working to promote astronomy."

The back of the endorsement card:

In addition to the $1 billion in capital investment on Maul and the Big Island, economic impact amounts to more than $150 million a year.

Through Senator Inouye’s efforts, the National Science Foundation selected Haleakala as the site of the world’s largest solar telescope, …

Endorsement from Mike Maberry, Astronomer
Contributed by: yn

Back of the folder

There are two basic kinds of issues. 

Those that affect our nation's security – not just defense, but also energy, economic and environmental policies. 

And those social issues that impact everyday families – healthcare, housing, education and jobs.

Whether on a macro or micro level, the decisions we make today …

Back of the folder contain endorsement from supporters. - Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Contributed by: yn

2012 Campaign materials

Campaign T-shirt, fan, endowsement folder

2012 Campaign materials, Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Contributed by: yn

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