Vedette Philip

Vedette is currently a Junior majoring in Asian Studies at Occidental College. Originally from New York, she traveled across the country to California to experience something different, then later studied abroad in Japan to experience something new. Adventurous and seemingly carefree, she's fascinated by nature but abhors the insects involved with the matter. She is set to graduate May 2011.

Updated June 2010

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles - 2010

The Renaissance of the Rafu Shimpo after WWII

Following the events of World War II, Akira Komai, with the help of three other businessmen, helped the Rafu Shimpo newspaper restart on January 1, 1946. After the bank refused to give funding to the project, three of Komai’s friends offered their savings to restore the newspaper to its former glory.

The existence of the Rafu Shimpo after World War II was especially significant for friends and relatives divided by the Japanese internment camps. The newspaper provided valuable information to the Japanese community slowly trickling back into Little Tokyo after WWII. Later, it also began to help businesses recreate themselves …

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