Tony Osumi

Tony Osumi is a Hapa Yonsei who lives in Culver City, CA with his family. Currently, he teaches 3rd grade and is active with Nikkei Progressives and Camp Musubi. He loves searching out old school Cantonese restaurants and ordering homyu and almond duck.

Updated August 2017 

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A Little Tokyo Bully Learns a Lesson

Once upon a time there were a group of children who lived in Little Tokyo. Like most boys and girls they played together. They’d shoot marbles near Little Tokyo Towers, jumped rope along Weller Street, and played handball behind the Far East Cafe. [inline:yagura.jpg] One of the children was named Benji O. Tani. Because Benji’s family owned the biggest business in Little Tokyo, he always had the fanciest marbles and newest jump ropes and handballs. But Benji was a very selfish little boy. Benji knew the other kids liked to play with his toys, but he always saved the biggest and mos…

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