Guilberto Moran

Guilberto Moran was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He is a junior at Occidental College and is hoping to graduate in May 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and the Visual Arts. After college, he would like to get into the field of Advertising or Marketing, specifically in the Creative Design department. Inspired by Japanese anime, he has been fascinated by all things Japanese since he was a child. He has studied Japanese and has visited Japan twice.

Updated June 2009

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles

Keeping Little Tokyo Safe: Satoru Uyeda's Volunteer Spirit

The connection between Japanese Americans and World War II is an important one to understand for all Americans. With one piece of legislation—Executive Order 9066—thousands of Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans were sent to several internment camps dotting the country. One of these was the Manzanar internment camp located in California’s Owens Valley. It was here that the Uyeda family was forced to relocate to and it was here that Satoru was born.

Following the end of World War II and the end of the internment, Japanese Americans were able to return to Little Tokyo. However, they returned to a …

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