Maxime Minne

Maxime Minne is a Graduate Student in History at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is working on the History of US Foreign Policy during the 1970s. His masters thesis under the supervision of Professors Greg Robinson (UQAM) and Pierre Grosser (Sciences-Po Paris) focuses on the negotiations over the handover of the Panama Canal under the Ford Administration.

Updated April 2018

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The Unknown History of Japanese Internment in Panama

The historical narrative surrounding the wartime confinement of ethnic Japanese in the United States grows ever more complex. In the last years, historians and activists working with community organizations (in some cases with government funding) have made significant discoveries. The Honouliuli Internment camp in the then-Territory of Hawaii, whose site remained long hidden from view, was located and explored, and was ultimately named a National Monument. The Tuna Canyon Detention Station near Los Angeles, where Issei men arrested by the FBI after Pearl Harbor were held, was rediscovered and its history documented. The War Relocation’s illicit “isolation center” at the …

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