Caitlin Anderson

Caitlin Anderson is graduating from Occidental College in May 2009 with a Geology major and a minor in Theater. She loves that she gets to use both her left and right brain by studying the sciences by day and singing in the Glee Clubs and school musicals by night. She has an excellent rock collection from her travels in California, Arizona, Minnesota, and Argentina, and is always looking to expand it. She plans on going to graduate school in the near future for geology or theater, but she is open to any new area of study that life may throw her way. She eventually hopes to combine her love of teaching, performing arts, and science into some incredible dream job, which perhaps has yet to be created.

Updated May 2009

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Little Tokyo Community Profiles

Bunkado and the Tsukada Family Pull

Irene Tsukuda-Germain grew up with Bunkado, a family business opened in 1945 by her aunt and uncle, Suye and Tokio Ueyama. Her parents moved to Little Tokyo to run their own store, the Tsukada Company, but when it closed due to development in the area, the family then helped to run the Bunkado store. Irene recalls coming to the store after the school day at Maryknoll, a Japanese Catholic school a few blocks away, which many children within her community attended. She and her sister would help put price tags on toys in the stockroom, anything that was “fun”; she …

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