Akira Imai

Akira Imai is a writer in Vancouver, BC. She works to help advocate for the Japanese Canadian community as well as the Transgender community. She strives to create access and recognition for all.
Her website: https://akira-imai.squarespace.com/ 
Twitter: @MissAkiraImai

Updated November 2016

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Why I Changed My Name

I was born with a white man’s name. When I looked in the mirror, I never found a white person, nor a man. A mystifying misery of disconnection between what I saw in the mirror and what I felt like inside left me feeling very lonely. All I wanted to do was fit in and not have to contend with these feelings of alienation. As a transgender woman, I have lived with the agony of being invisible. The pain of people not seeing your authentic existence is excruciating. As a person of colour, as a Japanese Canadian, that was part of my life too. I remember continually looking in the mirror mor…

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