BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20211015T000000Z DTEND:20211015T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Come join us for a night to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (@SeattleJACL ) with current President Stan Shikuma\, historian Bill Tashima\, and resid ent expert on redress\, Kyle Kinoshita. Through the night\, attendees will go through the history of Seattle JACL and how the process of redress for Japanese Americans began. Expect to learn about how Seattle JACL made imp actful changes on the Japanese American community here in Seattle and beyo nd.\n\n Register today!\n<a href=" clid=IwAR0NWE5GmWA7NzwmZnZxhzimhMBM5_kF4rcBQx1lAbT1Inx6FCe2sBTsOG4" target ="_blank"></a>\n(Registration will clo se at 5 pm on October 14\, 2021)\n\n Read "Seattle JACL 100th Anniversary " by North American Post\n<a href=" R0GRggHkRQ7A2kQSO8bjWO8O0TsfzFoBaclUiPpG4-LGnWOtjj9fAGWnbY&amp\;h=AT1IUjF0 QNI6aQeQuSK9xHMEnglvXlyh26jTPYlZx7-7d8sdj1oOiWeH6VFtHsazMbUho5wbkP72rX5Udj F8ECZlWGeajEu_XdT5GKpN-GWhRVgspxnQZT6C5mg15CMO3E5KY7TNWA&amp\;__tn__=q&amp \;c[0]=AT2dziWlF_A9rG2n6ptRaIh6DsSbD8ZKjP9RJfZyDe9cy-AX5OXNX8GivDQtE-XAiad H-oAwT5W4SQyJR0PT7bdUkJRbWvVxiZxYfxjGtpHvro21UMgNfocmS88uuFoL3gic_Bd79Cg1o Z_OaBT5-JXRBNYwo-1CIvWsGje-evUAjJet" target="_blank"> 21/seattle-jacl-100th-anniversary/</a>\n\n-------\nAbout the Northwest Nik kei Museum Speaker Series\nLearn about Japanese American history and commu nity development through a new\, monthly program with the Northwest Nikkei Museum(NNM)! We’ll cover a variety of topics and perspectives related t o Japanese Americans in the Northwest and beyond\, with a new speaker ever y third Friday of the month!\n------- SUMMARY:Celebrate Seattle JACL 100th Anniversary! | Speaker Series URL:/en/events/2021/10/15/celebrate-seattle-jacl-100th-anniversary-speake/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR