BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20181209T000000Z DTEND:20181209T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The <strong>Okinawa Association of America (OAA) in Gardena\, C alifornia</strong> will host their first-ever mini craft fair on <strong>S unday\, December 9\, 9 AM - 1 PM</strong> at the <strong>OAA Center\, Room 103</strong>. Parking is limited\; street-side parking is available. Spac e is also limited\, so there may be a waiting period to avoid overcrowding .\n\nThough small in size\, this holiday boutique is unique in that it wil l include some Okinawa-themed items such as art prints\, greeting cards\, tote bags\, and t-shirts. The organization also hopes that the event will benefit youth\, independent creators\, and community vendors by providing a platform to showcase their work.\n\nThis event is being led by one of th e OAA&rsquo\;s youngest volunteers\, Melissa Tran. &ldquo\;If my mom hadn& rsquo\;t brought me to all the meetings and events to volunteer\, I wouldn &rsquo\;t be here today coordinating an event like this\, or know this muc h about my family\, ancestors\, or even myself\,&rdquo\; she said. &ldquo\ ;I&rsquo\;m truly thankful that there are places like OAA to teach people of all ages about themselves and sharing their culture.&rdquo\;\n\nIn addi tion to learning practical skills and meeting new friends\, Melissa&rsquo\ ;s countless volunteer hours at the OAA has inspired her to study traditio nal Okinawan patterns and ways to implement those into her own work. &ldqu o\;Learning about [our] heritage is important because if we don&rsquo\;t l earn\, I believe that we will never truly know a part of ourselves\,&rdquo \; the young artist added. &ldquo\;[The craft fair is] not just an event f or fun\, but one to share our culture through our expression of art.&rdquo \;\n\n<strong>Confirmed Vendors <em>(subject to change without notice)\n</ em>\n</strong><strong>Arakaki &amp\; Associates:</strong> Okinawa- and Jap anese-themed mugs\, pouches\, tote/wine bags\, and more. <strong>Chōichi Kai L.A.:</strong> handmade arts and crafts\, baked goods. <strong>Flor Ka neshiro:</strong> Okinawa-themed art prints/postcards\, buttons\, stickers . <strong>Melissa&rsquo\;s Creations (Melissa Tran):</strong> handmade boo kmarks\, magnets\, notebooks\, postcards\, and more including Okinawa-them ed items. <strong>OAA:</strong> white elephant sale plus Okinawa-themed to te bags and t-shirts. <strong>Sent by Seeds (Miwa K. Kayama):</strong> gre eting cards and postcards including Okinawa- and Japanese-themed items. <s trong>Janice Yamanaka:</strong> handmade crafts\, jewelry\, magnets\, orig ami\, ornaments\, pins\, and more including Japanese-themed items.\n\n<str ong>Canned Food Drive</strong>\n\nAs a way to give back to the community\, the OAA will be having a charity drive for children in need. Guests are e ncouraged to bring shelf-stable food items (e.g.\, canned foods\, oatmeal\ , whole wheat pasta\, powdered milk\, etc.) which will be donated to a loc al food bank.&nbsp\;<a href=" /click?u=e33ec8816219ad973dd6e61e4&amp\;id=b9fa38776b&amp\;e=60ccab76bd" t arget="_blank">Suggested donations</a><a href="https://oaamensore.us11.lis\;id=528b882eea&am p\;e=60ccab76bd" target="_blank">&nbsp\;(PDF)</a>\n\nFor more information\ , please contact the OAA office\, weekdays\, 10 AM - 4 PM: 310-532-1929\, SUMMARY:Okinawa Association Mini Craft Fair 2018 URL:/en/events/2018/12/09/okinawa-association-mini-craft-fair-2018/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR