BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20180509T000000Z DTEND:20180509T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Award-winning Okinawa food romance film set for L.A. pr emiere</strong>\n\nIf you love romance and food\, bring your appetite to t he Los Angeles Premiere of &ldquo\;Jimami&nbsp\;Tofu&rdquo\; at the <a hre f="">34th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival</a> (LAAPFF)\,&nbsp\;6:30 p.m. at Regal L.A. Live (Theatre 13).\n \nThe film&nbsp\;was executive produced by&nbsp\;BananaMana Films&nbsp\;an d shot in Okinawa and Singapore. Intertwining romance\, food and the theme of homecoming\, the film is an homage to Okinawa &ndash\; in particular t he rustic\, village life and its traditional Ryukyu cuisine.\n\nRyan (Jaso n Chan) is an ambitious Singaporean chef working in Tokyo. When his food c ritic girlfriend Yuki (Mari Yamamoto) suddenly disappears\, it leaves him reeling. In an effort to find her\, he sets off to her hometown in Okinawa searching for clues. While Yuki is nowhere in sight\, he discovers flavor s beyond his imagination at her father&rsquo\;s restaurant. With the help of Yuki&rsquo\;s childhood friend Nami (Rino Nakasone)\, Ryan decides he m ust convince Yuki&rsquo\;s father to teach him his secret recipes. At firs t incredibly reluctant\, her father finally relents to teaching him. Thoug h Ryan&rsquo\;s Tokyo-style cooking won&rsquo\;t fly in this kitchen. But when Yuki&rsquo\;s father suddenly falls ill\, will Ryan have what it take s to take over the family business? And will he win back Yuki along the wa y?&rdquo\; (Synopsis by Anderson Le\, LAAPFF)\n\nCo-Writers/Co-Directors J ason Chan and Christian Lee who star in the film along side Mari Yamamoto and Rino Nakasone will be in attendance. Tickets: $14 General Admission\, $13 Students/Seniors\, and $12 VC Members. Purchase:&nbsp\;<a href="http:/ /"></a>\, (213) 680-4462 x59. Regal L. A. Live is located at 1000 W. Olympic Blvd.\, Los Angeles.&nbsp\;\n\nThe < a href="">Okinawa Association of America\, Inc.</a> ( OAA) in Gardena is supporting the screening as an LAAPFF Community Partner . Yuko Yamauchi and Joseph Kamiya\, the organization&rsquo\;s Executive Di rector and Culture Committee Chairperson\, respectively\, applaud the film for its authenticity and heart.\n\n&ldquo\;In Okinawa\, the role of food is so central &ndash\; as in many cultures &ndash\; and the directors did a lovely portrayal of these ubiquitous Okinawan dishes and the small eater ies all over Okinawa that are often a central part of community\,&rdquo\; Yamauchi remarked. &ldquo\;It had me craving and desiring to go out and le arn to make these dishes while we can from our own community members here in Los Angeles!&rdquo\;\n\n&ldquo\;Okinawan culture is beautifully woven i nto the fabric of the film\,&rdquo\; Kamiya added. &ldquo\;From the produc tion design\, to character mannerisms\, to themes like &lsquo\;nuchi gusui &rsquo\; (food as medicine) and &lsquo\;ichariba choodee&rsquo\; (once we meet\, we are brothers and sisters).&rdquo\;\n\n&ldquo\;Jimami&nbsp\;Tofu& rdquo\; sold out its World Premiere at the 37th Hawaii International Film Festival back in November 2017\, winning the coveted Audience Choice Award at the conclusion of the festival. Following the L.A. premiere\, the film will have its San Francisco premiere on May 11th as part of CAAMFest. It will then be released theatrically in Taiwan\, Singapore\, Okinawa and onl ine in China.\n\n<a href="">Watch the Trailer </a> SUMMARY:Film Screening: Jimami Tofu (Okinawa-Singapore Romantic Drama) URL:/en/events/2018/05/09/film-screening-jimami-tofu-okinawa-singapore-rom/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR