BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20161217T000000Z DTEND:20161217T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<em>W's Tragedy</em>&nbsp\;racked up all of the major film priz es of 1984 in Japan\, a rare occurrence for Kadokawa's pop experimentalism (often met with open revulsion by the powerful older generation of film c ritics).&nbsp\;<strong>Hiroko Yakushimaru</strong>&nbsp\;stars as a young\ , aspiring stage actress who develops frightening ambitions to become a st ar in this self-reflexive\, fascinatingly complex film.&nbsp\;<strong>Shin ichiro Sawai</strong>\, one of the great\, under-appreciated directors of the 1980s\, masterfully follows the sometimes mind-bending Kadokawa patter n of making films that are\, in some way\, always also about Kadokawa. Sco red by&nbsp\;<strong>Joe Hisaishi</strong>.&nbsp\;<strong>New 4k restorati on!&nbsp\;</strong>\n<em>1984\, 108 min.\, DCP\, color\, in Japanese with live English subtitles. Directed by Shinichiro Sawai. With Hiroko Yakushim aru\, Yoshiko Mita\, Masanori Sera.&nbsp\;</em>\nhttp://www.japansociety.o rg/event/ws-tragedy\nPart of&nbsp\;<a href=" ge/programs/film/pop-goes-cinema-kadokawa-film-series"><strong><em>Pop! Go es Cinema: Kadokawa Film &amp\; 1980s Japan</em></strong></a>.<strong>&nbs p\;</strong>\n<strong>Tickets:</strong>&nbsp\;$13/$10 seniors &amp\;&nbsp\ ;students/$9 Japan Society&nbsp\;<a href=" /support/individual">members</a>\n<strong>Special&nbsp\;Offer:&nbsp\;</str ong>Purchase at least 3 tickets in the same transaction and receive $2 off each ticket.&nbsp\;\n<em>W's Tragedy</em>&nbsp\;&copy\; 1984 Kadokawa&nbs p\;Corp.\n<a href=" ion#policy">Box Office Policy</a> SUMMARY:W's Tragedy Wの悲劇 (W no Higeki) URL:/en/events/2016/12/17/ws-tragedy-w-w-no-higeki/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR