BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20110618T000000Z DTEND:20110618T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The story of tiny Lompoc\, California\, where a vibrant and var ied Nikkei community with 40 year roots was dispossessed in 1942 and denie d return\, it was pieced together from interviews with more than 80 surviv ors\, uncommonly candid reports by a War Relocation agent on the scene\, a nd from local newspaper accounts. &ldquo\;There are threats about burning my house if I have any more Japanese in my home\,&rdquo\; wrote George Kim bel\, a deeply religious groundskeeper. &ldquo\;Ordinarily it would be bes t not to pay any attention to this.&rdquo\; He changed his mind due to &ld quo\;the widespread terrorism which is being tried throughout the state.&r dquo\;&nbsp\;\n\nGrassroots terrorism in rural California as Manzanar and other camps closed\, remind the reader of the Jim Crow South. Anonymous th reats\, an unexplained fire at a Nisei-owned house\, and racial exclusion clauses inserted into farm leases were three elements of an organized camp aign to block return to Lompoc. Spearheaded by a packing shed owner\, a de puty sheriff and a farm advisor\, it was 98% successful. The few Nikkei wh o dared come back found their children harassed. By 1948 only two remained .&nbsp\;\n\n&ldquo\;(C)lassic in terms not only of narrative force\, organ izational clarity\, innovative research\, and intellectual penetration but for what it contributes to diversity\, civil liberties\, and social justi ce. Reading it made an impact on me similar to Michi Weglyn&rsquo\;s class ic&nbsp\;<em>Years of Infamy</em>.&rdquo\; Dr. Arthur Hansen\, Professor E meritus of History and Asian American Studies\, CS Fullerton.&nbsp\;\n\nJo hn McReynolds' wide range of investigative writing has appeared in twelve California Central Coast newspapers and magazines from the Santa Barbara I ndependent to the San Luis Obispo New Times. He retired from the Santa Mar ia Times/Lompoc Record in 2006. His sportswriting has been printed in The National Pastime\, Grandstand Baseball Annual\, Elysian Fields Quarterly\, Mindprints\, La Voz del Beisbol Latino\, and the Viva Beisbol website. He received the 1997 MacMillan Award and the 1998 Robert Peterson Recognitio n Award from the Society for American Baseball Research. In 2009 he was na med a finalist in the Environment and Agriculture category of the Californ ia Newspaper Publishers' annual competition. His first book: Lompoc: Padre s to Pinot\, was published in 2009. He has been married 41 years to Barbar a Lepak McReynolds\, senior speech pathologist with the Lompoc Unified Sch ool District.&nbsp\;\n\nAuthor John V. McReynolds will sign books after th e programs.\n\nProgram is free with&nbsp\;<a href=" it/">admission</a>. Reservations recommended to&nbsp\;<a href="mailto:rsvp"></a>&nbsp\;or 213.625.0414 at least 48 hours prior to the event. Include the name\, date\, and time of the program\, as well as your name and the total in your party.\n\n<a href=" /"></a>\n<a href=""></a>\n<a href="http://">Purchase the book from the Museum Store &gt\;&g t\;</a> SUMMARY:BOOKS & CONVERSATIONS: "Vanished: Lompoc’s Japanese\, Of One Hund red Families Only Two Returned" by John V. McReynolds URL:/en/events/2011/06/18/books-conversations-vanished-lompocs-japanes/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR