BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20101110T000000Z DTEND:20101110T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The JACL 2010 ANNUAL MEETING&nbsp\;featuring the film&nbsp\;TRA NSCENDING: The Wat Misaka Story\n\n<a>\n\nWednesday\, November 10\, 2010 a t 6:30 PM\nMidwest Buddhist Temple\n450 W. Menomonee St\nChicago\, IL 6061 4\n\n</a>\n<a>\n\nTRANSCENDING - THE WAT MISAKA STORY&nbsp\;is a documenta ry film about Wat Misaka\, the first person of color to be drafted into wh at is now the NBA. A Nisei who was born\, raised and is still living in Ut ah\, he was the very first draft pick of the New York Knicks\, in 1947. Ov ercoming the national political\nclimate during World War II\, Wat was a s tar player for the University of Utah 1944 and 1947 championship teams\, t aking 2 years off in between to serve in the U.S. Army. His perseverance a nd loyalty to his teammates\, other Nisei friends (including those interne d at Topaz) and his family are a testament to the unflappable Japanese Ame rican spirit.\n\nPizza dinner will be served.&nbsp\; Free &amp\; open to t he public.\nParking available. From North Ave.\, turn north on Hudson Ave. to temple.\n\nPlease RSVP to or 773-728-7171.\n</a><a ti tle="\;et=1103715818158&amp\;s= 0&amp\;e=001b5zDSBahQ2-uYdaX2HIM6hh2qGBjIdEH5VGSPqdXTr9a0zRdGPb-cUuP_jyQ5R AaJT9Tyu3j-AU18Rm_Gv1UC8Hqq0B7MJE425SKlYWDFB2eQ_EWRyClqPwSJydeL5TVWcw-8h9B E9ryuBFdB07Te1HBHjSagKPJ" href=" p\;et=1103715818158&amp\;s=0&amp\;e=001b5zDSBahQ2-uYdaX2HIM6hh2qGBjIdEH5VG SPqdXTr9a0zRdGPb-cUuP_jyQ5RAaJT9Tyu3j-AU18Rm_Gv1UC8Hqq0B7MJE425SKlYWDFB2eQ _EWRyClqPwSJydeL5TVWcw-8h9BE9ryuBFdB07Te1HBHjSagKPJ" target="_blank">Click here</a>&nbsp\;to download the flyer.\nChicago Chapter of the Japanese Am erican Citizens League\n5415 N. Clark Street\nChicago\, IL 60640\n(773) 72 8-7171\n<a href="" target="_blank"> </a> SUMMARY:JACL 2010 ANNUAL MEETING featuring TRANSCENDING: The Wat Misaka Sto ry URL:/en/events/2010/11/10/jacl-2010-annual-meeting-featuring-transcending-t / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR