BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20100118T000000Z DTEND:20100118T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Monday\, January 18th (MLK Day) at 5:00 p.m. UH vs. Uta h State </strong>\n<p style="line-height: normal\;">We want to show our su pport for Coach Dana \, a fellow Uchinanchu\, who is the head coach of the UH women's basketball program.&nbsp\;\n\n<p style="line-height: normal\;" >How do we do this? Please come out in force! Wear a green shirt and <stro ng>most importantly\, wear something purple on your head </strong> . It co uld be a scarf\, a hat or eisa wear - just make sure it's purple. We want to make splash and a statement.\n\n<p style="line-height: normal\;">Meet u p in the area behind the coaches bench\, either EE or FF. Look for the Pur ple Heads! The Head Purple Heads for this event are Jimmy and Marian Iha.\ n\n<p style="line-height: normal\;"><strong>Halftime </strong> &ndash\; Ha waii Eisa&nbsp\;Chimugukuru Daiko with Jon Itomura and Eric Nitta of the Y oung Okinawans of Hawaii (Shishimai).\n\n<p style="line-height: normal\;"> <strong>Tickets &ndash\; Can be purchased at UH Box Office </strong> \n Re gular Admission is $7\n Senior Admission (65 and older) is $5\n Kids (up t o high school) are free. They will be given a pass at the door to the aren a.\n\n<p style="line-height: normal\;">Parking is $5 per car\, so carpool if possible.\n\n<p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt\; line-height: normal\;" ><strong>About Coach Dana </strong> - Both of Dana 's parents are of Okina wan decent: the Oshiro family is from Nishihara and the Takahara&nbsp\;fam ily is from Oroku. Dana recently stepped down as the Sports Coordinator fo r the HUOA and currently a member of the Nishihara Chojin-Kai Club.\n\n<bl ockquote>\n<p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt\; line-height: normal\;">&quo t\;I am proud of my Uchinanchu heritage and have had great mentors who hav e taught me the importance of culture.&nbsp\; Okinawan culture is family o riented and we instill a family atmosphere in the Rainbow Wahine Basketbal l Program.&nbsp\; Our Wahine Basketball team is hard working\, industrious \, humble and appreciative of the community's support !&quot\; - Dana\n\n< /blockquote>\n\n<p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt\; line-height: normal\;" >&nbsp\;\n\n<p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt\; line-height: normal\;">*** ***************************\n\nThis event is being organized by: Live Yuim aru . <em>\nYuimaru </em> : A system of cooperative exchange of labor\; c hipping in on a labor project common to the village such as harvesting ric e of building a house. A spirit of cooperation.\n<blockquote>\n</blockquot e>\n\n SUMMARY:Support Coach Dana Day URL:/en/events/2010/01/18/support-coach-dana-day/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR