BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20080620T000000Z DTEND:20080622T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Sixty-six years ago\, during World War II\, almost thirteen tho usand people of Japanese ancestry\, many of whom were American citizens\, were forcibly removed from their homes and sent to a desolate "internment camp" near Twin Falls\, Idaho. To commemorate this event\, former internee s\, their families\, friends\, and those interested in this historic event will make a pilgrimage from Seattle and Portland to the former Minidoka I nternment Camp from June 20-22\, 2008. The Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League\, the Nisei Veterans Committee\, and the Friends of Minidoka invite all those who are interested to join us on our pilgrim age. \n\nMinidoka served as an active concentration camp for over three ye ars. Even today the site evokes a mixture of poignant memories and strong emotions: including feelings of denial\, distrust\, shame and joy. Those o n the pilgrimage will revisit the site and reflect on memories shared in a supportive environment with family\, friends and National Park Service of ficials. Our purpose is to honor all those who were incarcerated and suffe red disrupted lives due to the rampant racism of the times and to pledge a new that "Never Again" will this be tolerated. \n\nToday\, most of the 33\ ,000 acres that once were a part of Minidoka has been taken over by farms. Fortunately\, in 2001\, 73 acres along the North Side Canal and near the entrance to Minidoka was designated a National Monument. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the grounds of the National Monument twice during the weekend. First\, guided tours of what remains of the "camp" wil l be provided. The following day\, a memorial service will be held at the National Monument to honor internees. Throughout the trip\, there will be ample opportunities to share memories and stories\, and reflect on the imp act and significance of the incarceration. \n\nIn addition to the pilgrima ge\, The Friends of Minidoka will join with the Minidoka Internment Nation al Monument Committee and the College of Southern Idaho to present an annu al symposium on civil liberties. The 2008 event will take place June 19-2 0 at the College of Southern Idaho. The symposium can be taken for colle ge credit through the College of Southern Idaho\, Boise State University\, or the University of Idaho. Registration cost for the symposium is $60\, which includes the two luncheons. Students and Teachers may attend for $ 30. More information can be found on the Friends of Minidoka website: <a href=""></a>.\n\nThe entire pilgrim age package\, including transportation by bus from Seattle to Twin Falls\, meals\, and all related programming fees\, has a cost of $225. A special rate of $190 is available for this entire package for seniors over age 75. The cost for those who choose to meet the pilgrimage in Twin Falls is $90 \; the special rate for seniors over age 75 for this option is $75. Sever al area hotels have special Minidoka Pilgrimage rates that need to be arra nged by May 15\, 2008 and lodging costs are in addition to all pilgrimage packages. \n\nRegistration is due by June 10\, 2008.\n\nTo register or fo r more hotel and registration information\, please contact Keith Yamaguchi at: Tel: 206-767-0914\, <a></a>\, or go to the Minidoka Pilgrimage website: <a href=""></a>. SUMMARY:2008 Minidoka Pilgrimage URL:/en/events/2008/06/20/2008-minidoka-pilgrimage/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR