BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20060616T000000Z DTEND:20060827T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>Coming to Portland\, Oregon...<em>"Big Drum: Taiko in t he United States"</em></strong>\n\nThe Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center will be the venue for a traveling version of the exhibition\, <em><strong>Big Dru m: Taiko in the United States.</strong></em> The exhibit opens on Friday\, June 16\, 2006\, with a public reception from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. <em>Big D rum: Taiko in the United States</em> was organized in 2005 by the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles\, California\, in collaboration w ith over 80 leading taiko groups\, including Portland Taiko.\n\n<em>Big Dr um: Taiko in the United States</em> provides context for the exuberant dru mming art form. This is the first major museum exhibition about taiko in A merica. Through photographs\, artifacts\, and media arts\, the exhibition explores the development of taiko in the U.S. and how it reflects the resi lience and transformation of traditions\, the historical journeys of Japan ese Americans\, and the cultivation of new\, diverse communities. The orig inal exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum was made possible by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts\, and by National Mu seum members and donors. The Portland installation is the first showing ou tside Los Angeles and will feature artifacts and photographs from Northwes t taiko groups in addition to exhibit pieces on loan from the Los Angeles museum.\n\nAkemi Kikumura-Yano\, Vice President for Programs\, says about the Portland showing of this exhibition: "The Japanese American National M useum is honored to have its landmark exhibition\, <em>Big Drum: Taiko in the United States\,</em> installed at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in P ortland. The playing of taiko is an integral part of Japanese American cul ture and history in the post-war and it is important that there is a great er understanding that this art form that has become so popular in North Am erica was a direct outgrowth from our own Nikkei communities in the United States. <em>Big Drum</em> tells that story in compelling detail.\n\n"The National Museum is pleased to return to Oregon where it worked with the lo cal Japanese American communities to develop the exhibition\, <em>"In This Great Land of Freedom: The Japanese Pioneers of Oregon."</em>\n\nThe open ing reception on Friday\, June 16\, is open to the public. This reception\ , co-sponsored by Portland Taiko\, will also be the welcome reception for the Regional Taiko Gathering hosted by Portland Taiko. The taiko gathering during June 16-18\, 2006\, will bring together over 100 taiko players fro m the Northwest United States and Vancouver\, British Columbia\, for a wee kend of workshops and concerts.\n\nOregon Nikkei Legacy Center\n121 NW 2nd Avenue\nPortland\, OR 97209\n(503) 224-1458\n<a href="http://www.oregonn"></a>\n<a></a>\n\nOpeni ng Reception: Friday\, June 16\, 2006\, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.\nExhibition dates : June 16 - August 27\, 2006\nExhibit hours: Tues - Sat 11-3 and Sun 12-3\ n$3.00 donation\, free to members of ONLC and JANM\n\nThe Portland showing of <em><strong>Big Drum: Taiko in the United States</strong></em> is made possible\, in part\, by support from George & Nobuko Azumano\, Dr. Toshio Inahara\, Naito Corporation\, Kelly & Melissa Saito\, and Alice E. Sumida .\n\nThe <a href="">Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center </a> (ONLC)\, opened in 1998\, is a Japanese American museum and center th at preserves and shares the history and culture of Japanese Americans in O regon. A project of the Oregon Nikkei Endowment\, ONLC creates and hosts e xhibits\, provides speakers for schools and community organizations\, offe rs public programs\, records videotaped oral histories\, and preserves his toric documents and artifacts. The Japanese American National Museum\, fou nded in 1985\, is the only national museum dedicated to preserving and sha ring the experiences of Japanese Americans. For more information\, go to < a href=""></a>. SUMMARY:Exhibit--"Big Drum: Taiko in the United States" Portland\, OR URL:/en/events/2006/06/16/exhibit-big-drum-portland/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR