Goldfish on Wintersburg Avenue Part 2 - The Living Jewels of the Furuta Gold Fish Farm


Read Part 1 >>   Did you ever wonder why goldfish and koi ponds have been a long tradition in landscapes around Orange County? Most likely, the trend owes its roots to Wintersburg.

Goldfish on Wintersburg Avenue - Part 1


One of the 1982 oral histories recalling Wintersburg’s past was conducted with Mr. Clarence Iwao Nishizu (by Professor Emeritus Arthur A. Hansen as part of the Honorable Stephen K. Tamura Orange County Japanese American Oral History Project, jointly sponsored by the Japanese American Council of the Bowers Museum Foundation—Historical and …

Women in Wintersburg


Yukiko Furuta was not a picture bride and she did not remember meeting any picture brides in the area. Her marriage was arranged by family and friends.

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Mary Adams Urashima is a governmental affairs and media relations consultant in Huntington Beach, California. She chairs the effort to save and preserve Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach, California, a century-old goldfish farm and mission which is iconic of Japanese American pioneer settlement of the American West and of the struggle for civil liberties.

A former journalist and editor, Mary is the author of Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach (History Press) and publishes two local history blogs in Orange County, California: Historic Wintersburg and Historic Huntington Beach.

Her efforts led to Historic Wintersburg being named one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in June 2014 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington D.C. Currently, the effort to save Historic Wintersburg continues in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Mary currently is researching for her next book, which will focus on Historic Wintersburg and Orange County's Japanese Americans during World War II forced evacuation and confinement. Some of this research includes the experiences at the Colorado River Relocation Center at Poston, Arizona, and at the Gila River Relocation Center, also in Arizona.


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