The Portuguese Sushi Chef


A Portuguese chef, Chef Paulo, married to a Hapa-Japanese American woman, learns to become a master sushi chef and opens a new restaurant that artfully combines Portuguese and Japanese cuisine. And he opens the restaurant, called Queee, in Los Angeles' Chinatown district. This is a place where many cultures are converging--an interesting example of urban diversity.

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Queee Restaurant

643 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Located in the Chinatown district.

sign on exterior of Quee Restaurant
Contributed by: DMo

Queee Restaurant

The sign says it all. This is a marriage of Portuguese and Japanese cuisines.

Sign on exterior of Queee Restaurant
Contributed by: DMo

Food from two cultures

Portuguese lamp chops served alongside a variety of sushi

sushi assortment with Portuguese lamp chops
Contributed by: DMo

Sea snail

Delicious. But is it Portuguese, Japanese, or both?

sea snail, served over shaved ice
Contributed by: DMo

Non-Japanese desserts

Mochi ice cream is offered on the dessert menu. But the specialties are these rather non-Japanese delicacies such as meringue with coffee cream and mini-Napoleons, served on Chinese-style soup spoons.

dessert assortment on Asian spoons
Contributed by: DMo

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contemporary culture

DMo — 更新日 6月 28 2021 1:49 a.m.

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