BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20080628T000000Z DTEND:20080928T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Hello\, just a friendly reminder about the upcoming Northern/Ce ntral California Obon and Bazaars for the summer of 2008\,\n\ncourtesy of Nichi Bei Times...\n\n<strong> Alameda </strong>\n<em> Buddhist Temple of Alameda </em>\n2325 Pacific Avenue\n(510) 522-5243\n\nBazaar: Saturday Jun e 28 from 4 to 9pm \n Sunday June 29 from noon to 8pm \nPractices: July 15 \,17\,22\,24 from 7:30pm\nBon Odori: Saturday July 26 with food selling fr om 4 pm and odori at 7pm\n\n<strong> Berkeley </strong>\n<em> Berkeley Bud dhist Temple </em>\n2121 Channing Way\n(510) 841-1356\n\nE-mail: info@berk\nWebsite:\nPractices: June 24\,26\, July 1\,8\,10 from 7:30pm to 9pm at the Berkeley Buddhist Temple\n\nBon Odori: Saturday\, July 12 at 6:30pm\n\nBerkeley Higashi Honganji Temple\n1524 Ore gon Street\n Berkeley\, CA 94703\n\n(510) 843-6933\,\n\nBon Odori: Saturday\, July 12 at 6:30pm\nAt the Berkeley Buddhist Temple\n\nBa zaar: Saturday July 26 from 4pm and Sunday\, July 27 from noon.\n\n<strong > Concord </strong>\n<em> Diablo Japanese American Club </em>\n3165 Treat Boulevard\n(925) 682-5288\n\nPractices: Obon Dance practice beings July 14 \n\nSummer Festival: Saturday August 9\, 1 to 9pm\n Sunday August 10 from noon to 9pm\n\nBon Odori: Saturday\, August 9 at 7:30pm \n Sunday August 1 0 at 6:30pm\n\nHighlights: San Jose Taiko and kendo group performances plu s judo and kendo exhibitions on Saturday. Tasumaki Taiko performs at 5pm a nd Michiya Hanayagi dance group at 6pm on Sunday\n\n<em> Sycamore Congrega tional Church </em> \n1111 Navelier Street \n(510) 525-0727\n\nBazaar: Sun day\, September 21 from noon to 5pm.\n\n<strong> Fresno </strong>\n<em> Fr esno Buddhist Church Betsuin </em>\n1340 Kern Street \n(559) 442-4054\n\nP ractices: June 17\, 25\,27\, July 1\,8\,10 at 7pm. \nCarnival: Saturday\, July 12 from 2 pm \nBon Odori: Saturday July 12 at 7:00 pm\n\n<strong> Fow ler </strong>\n<em> Buddhist Church of Fowler </em> \n210 9th street \n(55 9) 834-2077\n\nBon Odori: Saturday July 19 at 8pm\n\n<strong> Lodi </stron g>\n<em> Buddhist Church of Lodi </em> \n23 North Stockton Street \n(209) 368-5589\n\nWebsite:\n\nPractices: July 13\,16\,19\,20\,2 3\,25 from 7 to 8:30pm \nObon Bazaar: Saturday June 28 from noon to 10pm \ n Sunday\, June 29 from noon to 9pm\n\nBon Odori: Sunday June 29 at 7:30pm \nHighlights: American and Japanese foods including teriyaki chicken\, su shi\, udon\, tempura. Games for kids.\n\n<strong> Marysville </strong>\n<e m> Buddhist Church of Marysville</em> \n125 B Street \n(530) 743-6426\n\nP ractice: June 24 (Teachers) 26\, July 1 8\,10\,15\,17 from 7 to 9pm in the Multipurpose Room\n\nObon Festival: Saturday July 19 from 3pm\n\nBon Odor i: Saturday July 19 at 7:30pm \nHighlights: Teriyaki chicken box dinners o n sale from 3pm. Entertainment by Marysville Y.B.A Taiko at 8:30 pm\n\n<st rong> Monterey </strong>\n<em> Monterey Peninsula Buddhist Temple </em> \n 1155 Noche Buena Avenue\n(831) 394-0119\n\nBazaar: Sunday July 13 from noo n \nBon Odori: Sunday July 13 at 6pm\n\n<strong> Mountain View</strong>\n< em> Mountain View Buddhist Temple</em> \n575 N. Shoreline Boulevard\n(650) 964-9426\n\nObon Odori: Sunday July 20 at 7pm \nBazaar: Saturday July 19 from 4pm \n Sunday from noon to 9pm.\n\n<strong> Oakland </strong>\n<em> B uddhist Church of Oakland </em>\n\n825 Jackson Street \n(510) 832-5988\nPr actices: July 14\, 16\,22\,24\,28\,30\,31 from 7:30 to 9pm\n\nObon Festiva l and Food Bazaar: Saturday August 2 from 3-9pm\n\nBon Odori: Saturday Aug ust 2 at 7:30pm \nHighlights: American and Japanese foods\, tea ceremony\, koto and taiko performances\, <em> Ohara Ikebana exhibit </em>\n<strong> Palo Alto </strong>\n<em> Palo Alto Buddhist Temple </em> \n2751 Louis Roa d\n(650) 856-0123\n\nPractices: July 14\,16\,21\,23\,28\,31 at 7:30pm \nBa zaar: Saturday August 2 from 5pm and Sunday August 3 from noon \nBon Odori : Sunday\, August 3 at 7:30pm\n\n<strong> Parlier </strong>\n<em> Buddhist Church of Parlier</em> \n360 South Newmark Avenue\n(559) 646-2864\n\nBon Odori: Sunday July 27th at 8pm\n\n<strong> Reedley </strong>\n<em> Reedley Buddhist Church </em> \n2035 15th Street \n(559) 638-2146\nPractices: Jul y 1\,3\,7\,10 at 7pm \nBon Odori: Sunday July 20 at 8pm\n\n<strong> Sacram ento </strong>\n<em> Buddhist Church of Florin </em> \n7235 Pritchard Road \n(916) 393-1831\nWebsite:\nPractices: July 15-17\,22- 24 from 7 to 8pm \nBon Odori: Saturday\, July 26 at 7:30pm\n\nHighlights: Chicken plate\, salad\, steak sandwiches for sale\, children&rsquo\;s game s and a performance by Sacramento Taiko Dan.\n\n<em> Buddhist Church of Sa cramento </em> \n2401 Riverside Boulevard\n(916) 446-0121 \nBon Odori: Sat urday July 12 at 7pm \nBazaar: Saturday August 9 and Sunday August 10 from noon\n\n<em> Gedatsu Church </em> \n4016 Happy Lane\n(916) 363-6054\nBaza ar: Saturday June 28 from 11am to 6pm and Sunday June 29 from 11am to 4pm\ n\n<em> Northern California Koyasan Temple </em> \n1400 U Street \n(916) 4 46-0111\nBazaar: Sunday\, September 7 from 11am\n\n<em> Sacramento Japanes e United Methodist Church </em> \n6929 Franklin Boulevard \n(916) 421-1017 \nAsian food and cultural Bazaar: Saturday\, October 4 from 10:30am to 3pm \nHighlights: A variety of Japanese and American foods\, for sale\, enter tainment\, a raffle\, boutique\, kids games\, and more\n\n<em> Tenrikyo Sa cramento Church </em> \n6361 25th Avenue \n(916) 428-6100\nFood Bazaar: Su nday September 28 from 11am to 4pm\n\n<strong> Salinas </strong>\n<em> Bud dhist Temple of Salinas </em> \n14 California Street \n(831) 424-4105\n\nB azaar/Bon Odori: Sunday July 27 from Noon\n\n<strong> San Francisco </stro ng>\n<em> Konko Church of San Francisco </em> \n1909 Bush Street \n(415) 9 31-0453\n\nBazaar: Saturday July 12 from 11:30 am to 6pm and Sunday July 1 3 from 11:30am to 5pm\n\nHighlights: variety of American and Japanese food s including sushi and spareribs. Games for kids\, bingo\, silent auction a nd a raffle.\n\n<em> Buddhist Church of San Francisco </em> \n1881 Pine St reet \n(415) 776-3158\n\nWebsite:\n\nPractices: Monday\, Wedne sday\, and Friday July 23-July 11( except July 4) at 7:30pm\n\nGinza Bazaa r: Saturday July 19 from noon to 9pm and Sunday July 20 from 11am to 8pm\n \nBon Odori: Sunday July 20 at 1 to 3 pm\n\nHighlights: A variety of Japan ese and American foods\, including chicken teriyaki\, BBQ spareribs\, chir ashi\, saved ice.\n\n<em> Nihonmachi Street Fair </em> \nJapanetown at Pos t and Buchanan\n(415) 867-1318\nWebsite:\n\nBazaar: Sa turday\, August 9 and Sunday August 10\n\n<strong> San Jose </strong>\n<em > San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin</em> \n640 North Fifth Street \n(408) 2 93-9292\nPractices: June 23\,24\,26\,30\, July 1\,2 from 7:30 to 8:45 pm\n \nBazaar: Saturday\, July 12 from noon to 10pm and Sunday July 13 from Noo n to 8pm\n\nBon Odori: Saturday July 12 at 7:45 pm and Sunday July 13 at 6 pm\n\n<em> Wesley United Methodist Church </em> \n566 North Fifth Street \n(408) 295-0367\n\nAki Matsuir: Saturday\, September 13 from 11am to 4pm\ n\n<strong> Santa Maria </strong>\n<em> Guadalupe Buddhist Church </em> \n Obon festivities held at Santa Maria Veterans Memorial Community Center\, Pine and Tunnel\n\n(805) 704-6966 \nPractice: June 12\, 19\,26\, July 3\, 10\, from 6:30pm to 8pm\n\nObon Festivities: Sunday July 20 from noon to 5 pm\n\nHighlights: Taiko drummers and Japanese food.\n\n<strong> Santa Mate o </strong>\n<em> San Mateo Buddhist Temple </em> \n2 South Claremont Stre et \n(650) 342-2541\nBazaar: Saturday June 28 from 4 to 10\nSunday June 29 from 11- 9 pm\n\nPractices July 21\,24\, 28.31\, August 4\, 7 at 7pm \nBo n Odori: Saturday\, August 9 at 7.\n\n<strong> South Sebastopol </strong>\ n<em> Enmanji Buddhist Temple</em> \n1200 Gravenstein Highway \n(707) 823- 2252 \nBazaar: Sunday July 13 from 10am to 5pm\n\nPractices: July 15-18 fr om 7-9pm \nBon Odori: Saturday July 19 at 7pm\n\n<strong> Stockton </stron g>\n<em> Buddhist Church of Stockton </em> \n2820 Shimizu Drive \n(209) 46 6-6701 \nPractices: First\, second\, and third week of July on Tuesday and Thursdays \nBon Odori: Sunday July 20 at 7pm \nBazaar: Saturday July 26 a nd Sunday July 27 from 11am to 9 pm\n\n<strong> Union City </strong>\n<em> Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church </em> \n32975 Alvarado-Niles Road \n(510) 471-2581 \nWebsite:\n\nBazaar: Saturday July 12 and Sun day July 13 from 11am\n\nBon Odori: Saturday\, August 9 at 5:30 pm\n\n<str ong> Visalia </strong>\n<em> Vista Buddhist Temple </em> \n150-B Cedar Roa d \n(760) 941-8800 \nE-mail: \nObon Festival: Saturday Jul y 26 and Sunday July 27 from 12 to 8pm\n\n<strong> Walnut Grove </strong>\ n<em> Walnut Grove Buddhist Church </em> \n14105 Pine Street \n(916) 776-1 312\n\ \nBazaar: Saturday July 5 and Sunday July 6 from 1 to 7pm\n\nHighlights: Taiko performance at noon\n\n<strong> Watsonville </strong>\n<em> Wasonville Buddhist Temple </em> \n423 Bridge Street \n(83 1) 724-7860 \nPractices: June 16-July 16 Monday and Wednesdays at 7:30pm\n \nObon Festival: Sunday July 20 from 2 to 8pm\n\nHighlights: Japanese and American foods for sale and children&rsquo\;s games. 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