BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20140628T000000Z DTEND:20140628T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Taken from the JACCC Website:\n\n"The&nbsp\;<strong>JACCC</stro ng>&nbsp\;and its resident &lsquo\;ukulele space<strong>&nbsp\;U-Space</st rong>&nbsp\;present the<strong>&nbsp\;<em>L.A. Ukulele Expo</em></strong>& nbsp\;&ndash\; with an&nbsp\;<strong>attempt to break the Guiness world re cord</strong>&nbsp\;for the largest &lsquo\;ukulele ensemble\, and an enti re day filled the hottest performers\, teachers\, films\, and vendors from the &lsquo\;ukulele community. Workshops will be conducted by award-winni ng internationally acclaimed artists<strong>&nbsp\;Daniel Ho</strong>\,&nb sp\;<strong>Abe Lagrimas Jr</strong>.\,&nbsp\;<strong>Sarah Maisel</strong >\,&nbsp\;<strong>Steven Espaniola</strong>and more.\n<strong>2135</strong >&nbsp\;is the number of people L.A. needs to beat the current world recor d for Largest &lsquo\;Uke Ensemble held by Yokohama\, Japan\, and this por tion of the day's event is FREE.&nbsp\;<strong>Grab your &lsquo\;uke or pu rchase one at the Expo and bring a few friends!</strong>&nbsp\;We'll begin our world record attempt at 10am\, so make sure you come on time! 6-time GRAMMY award winner Daniel Ho will be leading the ensemble with Pineapple Mango.\n\nThe&nbsp\;<em><strong>L.A. Ukulele Expo</strong></em>&nbsp\;is t he place to be for all things &lsquo\;Ukulele in Los Angeles!\n\nFor more info on workshops\, films\, and schedule:&nbsp\;<a href="http://www.jaccc. org/ukuleleexpo_descriptions.php">CLICK HERE</a>\n\nFor Frequently Asked Q uestions (FAQ's):<a href="">&nbs p\;CLICK HERE</a>\n\nFor our transportation guide:&nbsp\;<a href="http://w">CLICK HERE</a><a href="h ttp://"></a>\n\nTo purcha se tickets:&nbsp\;<a href=" ckets-11703362071?ref=ebtn">CLICK HERE &nbsp\;</a>" SUMMARY:L.A. Ukulele Expo URL:/en/events/2014/06/28/la-ukulele-expo/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR