BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130223T000000Z DTEND:20130223T000000Z DESCRIPTION:"Lil Tokyo Reporter" is coming to Little Tokyo!&nbsp\;\nThe Dow ntown LA Premiere of this historical narrative short film will be held on Saturday\, February 23rd at the Downtown Independent Theater&mdash\;former ly the Linda Lea Theater\, which in its heyday specialized in Japanese fil ms for the local community of Little Tokyo. Showtimes will be 12:30pm\, 1: 30pm\, and 2:30pm. There will be a Q &amp\; A session with the film's dire ctor\, producers and actors after each show. An on-going reception with li ght refreshments will be presented in the lobby\, and will include souveni r sales to help fund further exhibition of the film. Low-cost parking will be available next to the theater. Tickets are $9\, senior/students $7. Ad vance ticket purchase will be available online\n\nhttp://www.downtownindep\n\nLIL TOKYO RE PORTER Little Tokyo Premiere\nSaturday\, Feb. 23\, 2013\n\nShowtimes: 12:3 0\, 1:30\, 2:30pm\nQ&amp\;A follows each show\n(film running time: 30 min. )\n\nDowntown Independent\n251 S. Main St.&nbsp\;\nLos Angeles 90012\n(pai d parking available in adjacent lot)\n\nGeneral Admission: $9.\nStudent/Se nior Admission: $7.\n\n<a href="\;h=KAQFb0pdo&amp\;s=1" target="_blank">www.ltrep</a>\n\n* * *\n\nLITTLE TOKYO HISTORICAL SOCIETY and&nbsp\;\nVISU AL COMMUNICATIONS present&nbsp\;\n"LIL TOKYO REPORTER"\n\nCHRIS TASHIMA\nE IJIRO OZAKI\nIKUMA ANDO\nSEWELL WHITNEY\nand KEIKO AGENA\n\nAssociate Prod ucers BILL WATANABE &bull\; KAREN D. CHU &bull\; YUKIO KAWARATANI &bull\; MARCUS MIZUSHIMA &bull\; MICHELLE SUGIHARA &bull\; DEREK WERTHWEIN\nCostum e Designer REBECCA GUZZI\nVisual Effects Supervisor KENNETH NAKADA\nMusic by GEORGE SHAW\nEdited by CHISAKO YOKOYAMA &bull\; TATSU FUMI\nProduction Design NIKO VILAIVONGS\nDirector of Photography RYO REX\nExecutive Produce r FUMIKO CAROLE FUJITA\nProduced by JEFFREY GEE CHIN &bull\; MAYON DENTON &bull\; MICHAEL IINUMA\nWritten by JEFFREY GEE CHIN and GUINEVERE TURNER\n Directed by JEFFREY GEE CHIN SUMMARY:Lil Tokyo Reporter - Little Tokyo Premiere (February 23rd\, 2013) URL:/en/events/2013/02/23/lil-tokyo-reporter-little-tokyo-premiere-februa/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR