BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130403T000000Z DTEND:20130801T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong>National Association of Japanese Canadians</strong>\n<s trong>and Safeway Holidays &amp\; Signet Tours present:</strong>\n<strong> 2013 Japan Heritage Tour to</strong>\n<strong>Kyushu and Tokyo</strong>\n< strong>April 3 &ndash\; 13\, 2013</strong>\n\n$5\,099 from Toronto - $4\,9 49 from Vancouver*\n\nVisit: Tokyo (Hanami Party in Ueno Park)\, Fukuoka\, Nagasaki\,\n\nUnzen\, Ibusuki\, Beppu\, Yufuin\, Kagoshima\n\nEnjoy four hot spring resorts\, classic castles and inspiring&nbsp\;landscapes on the island of Kyushu.\n\n<strong>National Association of Japanese Canadians&n bsp\;and Safeway Holidays present..</strong>.\n\n<strong>Ken Noma&rsquo\;s Hawai&rsquo\;i Heritage Tour</strong>\n<strong>July 24 to August 1\, 2013 </strong>\n\n$2\,711 from Toronto - $2\,382 from Vancouver\n\n*Fuel surcha rge and taxes extra\, subject to specified airlines booking code.\n\nYou a re invited to join Ken\, NAJC national president and a retired high school history teacher\, on a personally guided tour of Oahu.\n\nThe Hawaiian cu lture\, food and language have been greatlyinfluenced by the Japanese immi grants whose descendants now&nbsp\;constitute the second largest ethnic po pulation on the Islands.\n\n<strong>2013 is also the 25th anniversary of t he Japanese American&nbsp\;Redress Settlement so we can take part in two c elebrations in&nbsp\;two countries!</strong>\n<strong>Tour Highlights:</st rong>\n\nLearn the history of the Japanese American experience\;\n\nHawaii an cuisine and crafts\;\n\nTake part in Obon celebrations\;\n\nVisit to Ja panese American business and restaurants&nbsp\;such as Shirokiya\;\n\nHist ory of the 442nd Japanese American Combat\;\n\nRegiment at Fort DeRussy\;\ n\nChinatown walking tour\;\n\nHonolulu Academy of Arts\;\n\nLynn Arboretu m\;\n\nWaikiki Aquarium\;\n\nRetro surfing town of Haleiwa on the North Sh ore\;\n\nand much more!\n\n<strong><em>Please note that other tours to Jap an in 2013 are being planned:</em></strong>\n\n(1) Summer Family Tour to T okyo in July\;\n\n(2) Fall Kansai Tour to Osaka\, Kyoto\, Hiroshima\, Miya jima and&nbsp\;an Inaka Experience (TBA)\n\nFor a detailed itinerary and d irect inquiries:\n\n<strong>Joseph Sheu\, Safeway Holidays 1-888-258-4716 (toll free) or</strong> SUMMARY:NAJC 2013 Nikkei Heritage Tours URL:/en/events/2013/04/03/najc-2013-nikkei-heritage-tours/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR