BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20110618T000000Z DTEND:20110618T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Stories are important. They have the capacity to reflect\, unit e and mobilize a community. They can inspire and they can teach. Life is the Treasure: Okinawan Memories of WWII are a collection of riveting hi storical stories of astounding integrity\, courage and selflessness. Bro ught to vivid life by award-winning storyteller Alton Chung\, these stor ies share the experiences of Nisei\, Okinawans\, and Hawaii Okinawans du ring WWII.Story Telling Performance: June 18\, 2011 at the Buddhist Churc h of San Francisco\n\nA Nisei born in Hawaii and raised in Okinawa. Takeji ro Higa returns to Hawaii just before the U.S. enters WWII. He joins the Military Intelligence Service and must help plan the invasion of the isla nd where he grew up. He undertakes the dangerous task of cave-flushing\, coaxing Japanese soldiers and Okinawan civilians out of deep tunnels. Thr ough it all\, he never loses his deep compassion for the land and people of his childhood.\n\nHear the story of Minoru Teruya\, who was born in Ha waii\, raised in Okinawa\, and forced to choose between two countries.\n T here is also the story of the Himeyuri\, the Okinawan high school girls w ho served as nurse&rsquo\;s aides during the Battle of Okinawa.\n Pigs fro m the Sea is the story of how after WWII\, the devastated people of Okina wa receive a life-saving gift of Aloha from the people of Hawaii.\n These powerful stories bring to life incredible heroes to inspire and guide a n ew generation.\n For more information\, visit and pigsfrom\n\nABOUT ALTON CHUNG\n Alton Chung is an internationally known\ , award-winning storyteller. He grew up with the stories\, superstitions and magic of the Hawaiian Islands. This combined with his Japanese and Ko rean roots\, gives him a unique perspective to tell cultural tales and pe rsonal stories with a deep sense of reverence and authenticity. Not only does he breathe life into traditional Asian folktales with sensitivity an d deep connection\, but he can also touch into the fire of ancient Hawaii an legends and tell them with passion and respect. Alton also enjoys tell ing true stories of the Japanese-Americans during WWII\, but his true pas sion is telling ghost stories. Visit Alton's website at m\n\nDue to some of the graphic imagery we suggest children be ten or olde r. However\, it is up to parent&rsquo\;s discretion.\n\nTime: Performance starts at 7 PM.\n To purchase tickets please call the National Japanese Am erican Historical Society\n (415)921-5007 or email\n\nTic ket Prices:\n General Admission: $12.00\n NJAHS and BCSF member rate: $10. 00\n Senior and Youth Tickets: $5.00\n\n<a href="http://www.brownpapertick">Get your tickets at Brown Paper Tickets Online!</a> SUMMARY:Story Telling Performance: Life is the Treasure Okinawan Memories o f WWII URL:/en/events/2011/06/18/story-telling-performance-life-is-the-treasure-ok / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR