BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20101029T000000Z DTEND:20101120T000000Z DESCRIPTION:BUBBLE TEA PARTY&nbsp\;directed by Pat McKenna&nbsp\;\n\nFriday s &amp\; Saturdays @ 7:30pm\nOctober 29 - November 20\,&nbsp\;previews Oct ober 22 &amp\; 23\n\nGet ready to celebrate SFN!'s 15-year reign of hilari ty this October with our all-new fall revue "Bubble Tea Party!" We're brin ging our special brand of Asian-American sketch comedy to the Chicago Cent er for the Performing Arts with some very special guests!&nbsp\;\n\n$15 ti ckets plus Food and Industry Fridays! Every Friday\, you can bring a non-p erishable food item or headshot and get $5 off the ticket price! Have a gr oup of 10 or more? Call the Box Office at 312-733-6000 for more info!&nbsp \;\n\nStarring: Melissa Canciller\, Amrita Dhaliwal\, Samantha Garcia\, Ji n Kim\, Christine Lin\, and Harrison Pak.&nbsp\;\nFeaturing: Erica Ikeda\, Avery Lee\, and Jasbir Singh Vazquez.&nbsp\;\nMusical Director: Shane Sha riffskul&nbsp\;\nTechnical Director: Ed Schweitzer&nbsp\;\nPhotos by Glen Abog&nbsp\;\n\n<strong><a href=" p\;et=1103750405028&amp\;s=456&amp\;e=001JHQfuLX7mNdDiujwGERdA1mgB49Hj5xXb acTVLX72cnJCGDLlxPT8KLhrdVzfMdhGSFnr0Eg2LlPSxXc-wJYsl0YzGf0wi5pZDSeoEnuwEW uVmSn17wo6KV4TFu7Gz75IDvJ4dyvhyTwrvC2e2ZikkqdjCGzI4mn" target="_blank">(GE T TICKETS)</a></strong>\n\nChicago Center for the Performing Arts\n777 N. Green Street\nChicago\, IL 60622\n\n<strong><a href=" .jsp?llr=txybc4cab&amp\;et=1103750405028&amp\;s=456&amp\;e=001JHQfuLX7mNec 71WG2mOd0LF5PcO8Yyi4E8FUkkiSx4xcN0Vkl1dLEfZvt3eMi0k_MNC5lKxB6a1Tmxrpsw9pxx vttDkxGgUqjd8rALJDepq9BLU2Ma4SFg==" target="_blank">www.stirfridaynight.or g</a></strong> SUMMARY: Stir-Friday Night! presents BUBBLE TEA PARTY! URL:/en/events/2010/10/29/stir-friday-night-presents-bubble-tea-party/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR