UMEKICHI Charity Concert for Japanese Earthquake

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5月 201129

Acorn Theater
107 Generations Dr.
Three Oaks, Michigan
United States

Acorn Theater in Three Oaks MI on Sunday May 29

Umekichi, one of Japan's renown shamisan (stringed instrument) artists, will perform from her repertoire of traditional Japanese songs and ballads. Food and beverages extra.

Umekichi, adorned in Kimono and Geisha attire, will be accompanied by a flute and drum player. Her performance also includes dance from the traditional style. This special program will also feature some brief commentary/update concerning the earthquake and tsunami and the recovery efforts thereof. As an added attraction, we will begin with a reception which offers and variety of Japanese food and drink, including sake, special cocktails and craft beer.

"UMEKICHI" is the best Japanese shamiasen player for to express of Edo-Art' in Japan.

Umekichi was selected the best performer of Edo-Art by Dr. Cepp Linhart who is regarded as one of the greatest Japanese cultural authorities in Europe.

She comes to U.S.A for this charity concert and all benefit for Japanese Earthquake via Japanese Red Cross.

She plays a shamisen & sings a old Japanese song & dancing of Japanese traditional dance in kimono

All proceeds will go directly to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief via the Japanese Red Cross.




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