Talking About: Aging in Our Communities

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Community Event

2:30a.m. - 4:30a.m.

Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
6500 S Pulaski Rd
Chicago, Illinois
United States

How should we treat our elderly? Leaders from the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture and the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society spearhead this event as they explore the emotional and physical needs of the elderly.

Note: only a maximum of 30 individuals can register for this event, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

This series is funded by a generous grant from the Boeing Company.

Event Cost: $5.00

More Information
Phone: (773) 283-1958
Talking About... Series
Talking About... brings together Core Member communities to discuss significant contemporary issues, such as immigration, ethnic identity, climate change, and health care, from the perspectives and experiences of the community members. The program includes training for Core Members about how to organize, deliver, and facilitate community discussions. The series currently consists of two types of programs: dialogue sessions and public panel discussions. In the dialogue sessions, small groups of six to ten people engage in moderated discussion about issues of contemporary significance; Core Members use their ethnographic collections and artwork as a starting point for discussion. In the public panel discussions, a moderator leads discussion and audience Q&A about a specific topic with a panel of Core Member representatives. The first of these programs, on the topic of immigration, was held in October 2009 at the Chicago Cultural Center. Through our panel discussions, the Alliance delivers a diversity of perspectives, including voices from different cultures, continents, and immigration experiences.



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